Meet Tofi. This little man is determined to be a happy and confident pup. Tofi was living a life of uncertainty and loneliness with 18 other worried pups, but that all changed after Every Pet’s Dream rescued him and a couple of his friends.

We’ve watched Tofi unleash his silly side and witnessed how quickly he could attach himself as your BFF. He’ll need someone to continue helping him build his confidence and trust in people again, but once you’re in the Tofi-Trust Club, there’s no better place to be!

Tofi graduated as the “Most Improved” student from his 8 week UnChained training class in the San Jose Juvenile Hall. When Tofi began our program he didn’t even understand how to walk on a leash but he came strong and graduated with skills such as Lie-down, Sit-pretty, Come, Loose-leash walking and Shake! Here’s a Testimony from Tofi’s Youth Trainer: “Tofi needs a companion he can trust, who has patience and understanding. He’d be the perfect couch dog for a chill life.”

If you are interested in Tofi please complete an application at

Adopt for life and make Every Pet’s Dream come true!



Meet June, She’s as pretty as a field of poppies on a midsummer day and as friendly as the butterflies she plays with. She’s a petite girl weighing in at only 35 lbs, but she’s big on personality and loves going for her daily walks. She’s very well mannered and loves making new friends at the dog park no matter what their size is.

Thanks to The Perfect Dog for making her a part of our Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall program, she’s now well on her way to refining her outgoing personality and learning some cool new skills with the help of her dedicated Youth Trainer. Find more information about this pretty girl here:


The only thing bigger than this little guy’s smile is the size of his heart. Meet Nacho, he’s nacho dog, but he could be, haha! In all seriousness though, he’s a lover who just wants to smother his humans with affection like some delicious gooey cheese! He gets along great with other dogs and even cats, but that’s pretty easy when you got a smile as inviting as this handsome guy.

Thanks to The Perfect Dog for making him a part of our Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall program. He’s been able to focus his energy on to learning some pretty cool new skills and manners with his Youth Trainer there to guide him. You can find more information about Nacho here: 


Ask him to find the stick and Petey will bring you the whole forest! Petey came to us from AFRP after being rescued from the Salinas Animal Shelter. He’s just over a year old and is a genius all his own. He’s a quick learner who loves to please his humans doing anything it takes to make sure he’s your center of attention. He’s a handsome guy but don’t get too attached, Petey knows how to work a room and make friends with humans big or small and animals of all sorts. Before you know it, the spotlight will be all his.

Petey is enrolled in our Canines Teaching Compassion program at the Kinship Center in Salinas and is still in need of a foster home and chauffeur. Learn more about how to adopt Petey here:


Gracie has spent most of her life in a seemingly endless cycle of breeding and abuse, but that ends with us. With a forgiving spirit, she adores her humans and is especially gentle with children which is perfect for the Youth Trainers she chose at the Kinship Center.

The gentleness and soft lips she gives when accepting treats and cuddles masks her history of neglect. She may have not been able to give affection to her pups before they were taken from her, but there’s no shortness of love for her humans. She never asks for much, just a scratch on the belly and the security of knowing she’s loved.

Gracie is still searching for  a foster home and chauffeur while participating in our program. To learn more about her visit AFRP here:


Three legs? No problem! Mango is a 1-year-old, 7-pound Chihuahua mix that came to AFRP as an injured stray from the Salinas Animal Shelter. Sadly, his badly damaged hind leg could not be saved, but Mango has healed beautifully from amputation surgery and is adjusting nicely to life as a tri-paw’d pup.

Mango gets along nicely with other dogs and loves to snuggle on your lap, but don’t take our word for it, watch Mango’s video here. Bring on the warm blankets and doggie sweaters – Mango loves to be warm and cozy! Mango is currently in foster care, where he’s busy learning how to be a fabulous companion dog. Interested in meeting this sweet boy? Find our more about him here: