Wish List

* Dog blankets/towels - Comfortable traveling
* Halti Harnesses - Positive training
* Kong Toys, Squeeky Toys, Tug Toys, Brain Games, Balls - All sizes and types appreciated
* High Value Dog Treats, Bully Sticks, Pigs Ears - After class rewards
* Cooling pads for dog kennels - Comfortable travel during warm seasons
* Gas Cards: $25 - 1 week of transporting dogs to kids
* Digital Camera with Video Options = Capture those perfect moments shared between a dog and his youth trainer
For donation arrangements, please contact Melissa Wolf at
(831) 818-8738

UnChained is raising funds to either purchase, or lease-with-option-to-buy a van to transport shelter dogs, safely and comfortably to youth organizations in Salinas and Watsonville.
If you would like to help make this happen, please make a donation in any amount.