Story of Success:  Spring at Rancho Cielo

Spring was a great time for the kids and dogs of Rancho Cielo Youth Campus in Salinas.  

It began when Bim, the 9 month old English Bull Terrier mix was returned to the Salinas shelter after his people said he was "too much puppy" for them to handle.  

Enter Edgar and Michael; Youth Trainers of UnChained, who took on the challenge of working with Bim to become a fine young dog with manners, skills and confidence.  Michael and Edgar learned to appreciate what it took to care for and train a puppy..."They aren't born knowing all the right things to do" said Michael.  "It's our job to show them and teach them how to get along in the world".  That attitude is what gave Bim his great success.  

With 8 Weeks of training, socializing and confidence building.  Bim was adopted into the most loving home, where he now has a Yellow Lab sister, Hannah and a 9 year old human brother, Aiden to hang out and play with. Aiden is continuing to train Bim to keep his skills sharp, while ensuring he gets long walks and hikes every day.  Edgar admitted to feeling sad knowing he wouldn't see Bim again, but he also knows he did the right thing by giving Bim a gift of a second chance at life.